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"Our group endeavor to maintain a culture of total through
quality management- ensuring qualitative deliveries in every
stage of what we do.
From the products to every of our services in Nigeria".

About Us

TORMI GROUP OF COMPANIES is a conglomerate of different companies that functions independently, but they co-exist under one Umbrella. TORMI GROUP is a Mother organisation which comprise of other organization such as Transusher Logistics Limited, Hybrimax Studios Limited, Tormileh ICT Limited, Fount Media and Printing Company, Allroyalmatters Medical Consultancy Limited, Plantfield Farms and Agro-allied Limited and Jodia Clothing (Fashion Line).


We are very diligent with what we know how to do best so we are often seen as a efficient and productive. 


You can always count on us as the company of choice when it matters most to our clients in terms of reliability.

Best Standards

Our group endeavor to maintain a culture of total thorough quality management- ensuring qualitative deliveries in every stage of what we do for the services we render to our Clients.

Transusher Logistics

Transusher Logistics Ltd is an emerging Transportation and Logistics Company that seeks to offer a set of services that effectively focus on Commercial and Local Transport services, Clearing and Forwarding, Haulage services, to increase the efficiency of our clients and customers businesses.


Hybrimax Studios

We are a modern video and sound production studio that cherishes the art of what we do while also satisfying and harnessing the imagination of our customers. In today’s world, most people/businesses already know that in order to compete with others, they need to make a video that stands out and catches the attention of their customers/fans.


Jodia Fashion

We offer an extensive range of affordable clothing in both men’s and women styles, designed to keep you feeling stylish and stylish. We also offer all sorts of accessories from jewellery to shoes to even hair extensions, all of which are designed to add the best to every occasion.


FountPress Media

Fount Pictures and Printing Press Ltd is an emerging Videography, Photography and Printing Company that seeks to offer a set of services that effectively focus on Quality Video coverage & Photography of Events, Printing of Wedding invitations, Wedding programs, Souvenirs, Bill Board Banners, Event flyers, Roll up Banners, Photo Books, Brochures, Posters, Calendars and Customization of books, shirts and Monograms, including a creative graphics designs and a well suited branding Services to its client and customers.

Plantfield farms

Plant Field Farms is a fully-integrated agro-business company specialize in farm sustainability and distribution of farm produce from the rural area to the final consumers in the urbanized area of the country.

Tormileh ICT

Our aim and driving force in Tormileh ICT Ltd is to ensure we provide modern day Information and Communication Technological services, at moderate rate which will perfectly fit into our customers business/personal budget.


Allroyal Matters

Allroyalmatters Medical Consultancy Services is one of the leading facilitator based in Lagos Nigeria for providing world class healthcare and medical service and have wide network of medical facility in multispecialty hospitals, eminent physician and surgeon, diagnostic centers which cater to all patients.




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